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Steven Clark

Only Made Once Designs is owned by the craftsman Steven Clark.


Steven trained as both a welder and machinist specializing in high grade engineering materials. He has fine tuned his industrial talents to handcraft these pens and other metal artwork for both his pleasure and yours. 

Each one of his pieces is only made once. The one you choose to hold in your hand will only exist once, there will never be one exactly like it.

The Starting Block

Only Made Once Designs has something for everyone. Each pen barrel is turned from either a high grade stainless steel or a nickel-zinc alloy to ensure that it will never rust, and will last forever. The barrels are turned freehand which means that every pen has a individual pattern that cannot be duplicated. 

Once the barrels are completed, Steve finishes them with a brushed metal, or highly polished surface. Then he uses high quality hardware to compliment the design. All the pens are refillable so will last a lifetime.


Some of the pen clips are themed to make great gifts for firemen and gun enthusiasts. Others have have a little sparkle for the divas in your life. These make excellent gifts for the person who appears to have everything, because they won't already have one of these unique pens!

Each pen comes in a presentation box, for you to gift to your favorite person.

These pens make memorable gifts for birthdays, holidays, graduations and Bar or Bat Mitzvah's. They also make unique corporate gifts.


Our pen designs are a great way to show your appreciation for special people such as teachers, first responders and professionals who have made a difference in your life.

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